MICHAEL ALAN / NEW YORK, NY / 2011 / WEBSITE / With captions compliments of Michael

The last downtown New York, New York. (Studio entrance.)

Start the look.

The second room.

White Ink on Red Paper!


Look at the lil’ works.


The edge of Volleyball. Paint goes all over.

Alan’s art cart.

Clean Art Star.

Mound of materials for a future collage.

New drawing. Be aware.

Under the table.

Words on the floor.

Music, books and things to be built.

Living Installation area of the studio. So GQ.



Build, build, build Mike!

Mask 77.

Where Alan makes pieces for the Living Installation, a series of projects where he transforms a raw space into a living installation within a matter of hours.

More. More. More.

Lyrics for his album, Sound Drawing.

Detail of The Lady Who Said She Could Walk (sculpture) and Mask 47…made from everything.

Glo-mask, created for the Kenny Scharf show. Fun!

The entrance into the second room.

Details of two new works.

Michael’s desk, view #2. (With mask creeping out from behind the drawings)