DEMON HILL / JULIAN HOEBER / HAMMER MUSEUM/ LOS ANGELES, CA / 2011 / WEBSITE / With captions compliments of Sara Intrator

Julian Hoeber is a LA-based artist, who explores psychology, emotion, and narrative through a variety of media.

Demon Hill is a mixed media installation that Hoeber created in 2010.

The title is a pun on “de Menil.”

Demon Hill is a “mystery spot,” which in simple terms is just a distorted room built on a steep angle.

Other famous “mystery spots,” include the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot and the Cosmos of the Black Hills in South Dakota.

This was one of the most successful UCLA Hammer Museum Projects in recent memory.

Here’s the secret to Demon Hill: It’s a regular box built with 90 degree angles and normal architecture on the inside…

But what makes the illusion is that the box is tipped at a compound bevel.